Project's Summary

Revitalizing Potrero: The 1101 Connecticut Project

Van Meter Williams Pollack, a renowned architectural studio, has spearheaded the redevelopment of the 38-acre Potrero Public Housing site in San Francisco. The first building in the redevelopment, 1101 Connecticut, also known as Block X, is a mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhood with 1,700 units. The project is the result of a multi-year effort working with the residents and surrounding community to shape the redevelopment master plan.

A Model of Affordable Housing

1101 Connecticut offers a model of high-density affordable housing on a steep hillside and symbolizes the rejuvenation of the Potrero neighborhood. The building includes 72 units of family housing, property management offices, services office, sub-grade parking for 29 cars, extensive bicycle parking, and multiple laundry facilities. The massing of the building steps with the topography and complements the surrounding neighborhood's architecture.

A Panoramic View

The building is located on a vacant steeply sloping site and offers breathtaking views across San Francisco Bay and toward the South San Francisco hills. The common spaces and apartments take advantage of the views with a large south-facing courtyard designed for play, interaction, and barbeque. The building's design provides a sense of community and belonging, fostering an environment of interaction and socialization among the residents.

Revitalizing the Neighborhood

As part of the significant revitalization effort, 1101 Connecticut serves as a beacon of hope for the Potrero neighborhood. It offers high-quality housing options for low-income families while also creating a sense of community and belonging. The project's success is a testament to the collaboration between the residents, community, and the Van Meter Williams Pollack team, who have worked tirelessly to create a sustainable, inclusive, and vibrant community.

In conclusion, the 1101 Connecticut project is a prime example of how collaboration and community involvement can transform a neighborhood. The project provides affordable housing, creates a sense of community, and fosters socialization among residents. The building's design complements the surrounding architecture, and the panoramic views provide a sense of tranquility and peace. The revitalization of the Potrero neighborhood is just the beginning, and with such innovative projects, the future looks bright for San Francisco.

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