Project's Summary

Daimiel CEDT: A Healthcare Solution

The Daimiel Comprehensive Specialized Care Center (CEDT) is a public medical center project created by the Estudio__Entresitio architectural studio. The facility is designed to solve a mixed healthcare program and provide comprehensive healthcare services to the community.

The primary and emergency care rooms, which experience the highest flow of people, are located on the ground floor. These rooms are arranged in parallel corridors, making it easier for patients to navigate the facility. The top floor houses specialty consultations, a residence area for health personnel, and the surgical block. The circulation scheme is the same as that used on the ground floor.

The facility's facade is designed to solve the image of a public-use building inserted in a housing square. The building is covered with a metal skin of micro-perforated galvanized sheet slats that give it a textured volume. This design protects the interior from neighboring views and improves the thermal conditions of the building. The building opens to five courtyards lined with corrugated sheet, creating an inviting and welcoming environment for patients.

The profile of the building is slightly interwoven, with installation boxes aligned with the plane of the facade and the drains that produce the different accesses and the upper floor terrace. The corners of the accesses fold in plan, allowing the extension of the sidewalks as urban lobbies in the areas of greater traffic, blurring the perimeter of the building. The design is intended to create a seamless integration between the facility and the surrounding community.

Overall, the Daimiel CEDT is an innovative healthcare facility that provides comprehensive services to the community. Its thoughtful design and attention to detail make it a welcoming and accessible space for patients and staff alike. It is an excellent example of how architecture can be used to solve complex problems and create functional, beautiful buildings.

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