Project's Summary

The Populist restaurant, designed by Lagrania Design and located in Bomonti, opened its doors in 2018. Now, their second branch has recently opened in Bebek, with YOO Architecture overseeing the Fit Out project. This new branch spans three floors and covers approximately 1050 sqm, and it was completed within a six-month timeframe. Interestingly, this restaurant is situated in the same building as Angie Bebek, another fit out project also undertaken by YOO Architecture.

For this particular project, the design concept of the building tanks from the original Populist restaurant was recreated. The aim was to create an industrial design concept, utilizing building tanks, metals, and pipes in various areas of the restaurant. This choice of materials helped to establish an overall atmosphere that exudes an industrial vibe.

One of the standout features in the new Populist branch is the "Dream Machine," a special design element that is suspended from the ceiling above the gallery space. This installation is crafted from metal and semi-permeable tanks that have been cut in half. Not only does the "Dream Machine" create an endless visual effect, but it is also enhanced by special illuminated pipes that are attached to the tanks, further enhancing the overall design language. These pipelines have an automation system that allows for different lighting scenarios, adapting to various usages and weather conditions.

Given that the restaurant is located in a district known for its nightlife and nightclubs, such as Angie, particular attention was paid to the acoustical design during the planning stages. The venue features acoustic paints on the ceilings, perforated acoustic panels on the walls, and fireproof velvet curtains, all of which work together to ensure high-quality sound control.

In summary, the new Populist branch in Bebek, designed by YOO Architecture, showcases a recreated design concept centered around building tanks, metals, and pipes. The standout feature, the "Dream Machine," adds a unique touch to the overall industrial atmosphere. With a focus on acoustical design, the restaurant ensures a pleasant dining experience amidst its lively surroundings.

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