Project's Summary

Located in Kirkland, Washington, the site of the new Peter Kirk Elementary School presents unique challenges and opportunities for the design team at Studio Meng Strazzara architectural studio. Nestled amidst forested areas, hillsides, and a creek, the natural surroundings greatly influence the planning process, requiring a thorough understanding of wetland and stream buffer mitigation. However, rather than viewing these factors as obstacles, the team is embracing them and striving to preserve and enhance the environment in the design of the new facility.

One of the key objectives in the design of the new Peter Kirk facility is to create ample opportunities for outdoor education and gathering spaces. Recognizing the importance of connecting students with nature, the team is exploring innovative ways to incorporate these elements into the school's layout. By seamlessly integrating the indoor and outdoor spaces, students will have the chance to learn and socialize in a natural and inspiring environment.

In line with the District's educational specifications, the design team is focused on creating an efficient and effective layout for the school. To achieve this, they have gathered ideas and input from the community and stakeholders, ensuring that the new facility meets the needs and expectations of all those involved. With a capacity for 550 students, the school will feature 30 classrooms, shared learning areas, an art/science space, a music room/stage, and a gym and commons that can accommodate the entire student body. A distinctive and welcoming entryway has also been incorporated to facilitate easy wayfinding and enhance security measures.

The construction of the new Peter Kirk Elementary School is scheduled to commence in 2018, with completion expected in time for the 2019 school year. As the project progresses, the design team will continue to prioritize the preservation of the natural environment, ensuring that the new facility harmonizes with its surroundings. By combining innovative design approaches, community input, and a commitment to sustainability, Studio Meng Strazzara aims to create a modern and inclusive educational space that will serve the Kirkland community for years to come.

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