Project's Summary

Perfect Pair: A Unique Design Concept in Yountville

Signum Architecture presents a new design concept that breaks away from the traditional mold of downtown Yountville. The Perfect Pair project aims to split a lot into two smaller parcels, optimizing the value of the site by utilizing every square inch and architectural element to maximize the floor area ratio.

A Valuable Knowledge of Yountville's Codes and Priorities

Jarrod, with his extensive local experience and three terms on the town's Zoning Design Review Board, brings valuable knowledge of Yountville's codes and a deep understanding of the town's values and priorities to this project. With his participation in the creation of the town's recent general plan, he ensures that the Perfect Pair project is in line with the town's vision for development.

Unique Double-Height Homes with Distinct Sense of Identity

To bring some variation to downtown Yountville, Signum Architecture designed a pair of double-height homes that stand out from the Historical District architectural vernacular. Both homes have a similar massing and architectural language, but each has a distinct sense of identity. The street-front residence employs the more familiar agrarian forms and materials, while the rear house utilizes wood finishes in a more contemporary fashion, with a pitched roof that incorporates a diagonal ridge.

Livable Outdoor Spaces with Minimal Footprint

Signum Architecture's solution for the Perfect Pair project increases the home's livable outdoor space while minimizing its footprint. Portions of the volume at ground level are carved out to form outdoor rooms, providing a unique and functional solution that maximizes the potential of the site. The Perfect Pair project is a testament to Signum Architecture's expertise in creating innovative designs that meet the needs of their clients, while also contributing to the development of the community.

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