Project's Summary

Patterned by Nature is an awe-inspiring art installation commissioned by the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh, North Carolina. This remarkable piece, created by the collaborative efforts of Hypersonic, Sosolimited, and Plebian Design, spans an impressive 10 feet in width and an astonishing 90 feet in length. It gracefully winds its way through the magnificent five-story atrium of the newly constructed Nature Research Center museum expansion, leaving visitors in awe of its beauty and complexity.

The purpose of this captivating exhibit is to celebrate the intricate patterns that exist in nature and how we, as humans, have abstracted and understood them through the scientific process. By showcasing the similarities of patterns found in our vast universe, regardless of the scale of space or time, Patterned by Nature offers a thought-provoking insight into the interconnectedness of everything around us.

The mesmerizing ribbon that forms the centerpiece of this installation is constructed from an astounding 3,600 tiles of individually dimmable LCD glass. This innovative material allows for a dynamic and ever-changing display of patterns and colors, captivating the attention of all who behold it. Even more impressive is the fact that this entire installation operates on a mere 75 watts of power, showcasing the incredible efficiency and sustainability of the design.

Patterned by Nature serves as a testament to the power of art and science coming together harmoniously. It invites visitors to contemplate the beauty and complexity of the natural world and the remarkable patterns that can be discovered within it. This thought-provoking exhibit serves as a reminder of our connection to the universe at large and the inherent patterns that surround us, often unnoticed.

In conclusion, Patterned by Nature is a visually stunning and intellectually stimulating installation that invites visitors to explore the interconnected patterns that exist in our world. Created by the collaborative efforts of Hypersonic, Sosolimited, and Plebian Design, this remarkable piece captivates with its intricate design and efficient use of technology. As visitors journey through the exhibition, they are reminded of the beauty and complexity of nature and the patterns that emerge through the scientific process. Patterned by Nature is a true celebration of the remarkable patterns that exist in our universe, weaving together art, science, and our understanding of the natural world.

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