Project's Summary

The architectural studio ·ALEJOSPINA· has recently unveiled an exciting project called Park Life, which aims to transform the space surrounding the university to cater to the diverse needs of its students. This ambitious plan includes the introduction of footpaths and bike paths, providing a safe and peaceful environment for the university community to move around.

The introduction of footpaths and bike paths will greatly enhance the circulation within the university, allowing students to navigate the area quickly and conveniently. This will not only facilitate easy access to the blocks 24 to 25 and other sections of the university but also enable a seamless connection to the vibrant square of life. These well-thought-out pathways will ensure that the university community can move around the campus in a secure and efficient manner.

One of the highlights of the Park Life project is the design of the central green base within the square. This central area acts as the DNA of the project, dividing the square into two distinct parts. On one side, there is a dining area for the cafeteria of the blocks 24-25, providing a space for students to relax and enjoy their meals. On the other side, a study area has been created for the university community, offering a serene environment for students to focus and concentrate on their academic pursuits.

To connect these two parts of the square, tree-lined paths have been incorporated, creating shaded areas that offer respite from the sun. These paths not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the space but also provide comfortable seating areas for students to gather and socialize. The thoughtful floor treatments throughout the area further add to the overall design, ensuring that every aspect of the proposal has been carefully considered.

The Park Life project by ·ALEJOSPINA· architectural studio is set to revolutionize the university space, providing a well-planned and dynamic environment for students. The introduction of footpaths and bike paths will enhance circulation, making it easier for students to navigate the campus. The central green base, with its dining and study areas, will cater to the diverse needs of the university community. With its tree-lined paths, shaded seating areas, and meticulous floor treatments, the Park Life project is a testament to the studio's commitment to creating a vibrant and functional space for students to thrive in.

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