Project's Summary

Russell and Dawson Inc., a renowned architectural design firm, has successfully completed a groundbreaking project for OSF Flavors Inc. in Windsor, CT. This project involved the construction of a remarkable 22,670 sq. ft. industrial space addition, as well as a 20,700 sq. ft. 2-story office and laboratory space addition. These expansions were crucial in meeting the growing space demands of the flavor manufacturer.

OSF Flavors Inc. required additional space to accommodate its flourishing operations, and Russell and Dawson Inc. rose to the occasion by delivering a state-of-the-art solution. The new additions have transformed the existing 90,000 sq.ft. warehouse building into the North American Headquarters for the company. By seamlessly integrating the old and new structures, the architectural team has ensured a unified facade design that enhances the overall exterior of the building.

The steel-framed structure of the additions has been adorned with sleek aluminum composite panels on the front facade, further elevating the aesthetic appeal of the building. This choice of materials blends modernity with durability, creating an impressive and contemporary look for the headquarters. The architectural design team at Russell and Dawson Inc. meticulously crafted this combination to not only meet the functional requirements of the additions but also to create a visually striking presence in the Windsor area.

One of the primary purposes of the office addition is to provide ample space for offices and testing laboratories for OSF Flavors Inc. This facility will serve as a hub for the company's administrative and research activities, allowing them to continue their innovation in the field of flavor manufacturing. The meticulous planning and attention to detail by Russell and Dawson Inc. have ensured that the needs of OSF Flavors Inc. are met, while also providing a comfortable and efficient working environment for the employees.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Russell and Dawson Inc. and OSF Flavors Inc. has resulted in the successful completion of a remarkable architectural project. The additions to the warehouse building in Windsor, CT have not only met the growing space demands of the flavor manufacturer but have also created a visually stunning North American Headquarters. With the integration of old and new structures, a unified facade design, and the use of modern materials, this project exemplifies the expertise and creativity of Russell and Dawson Inc. in delivering exceptional architectural design solutions.