Project's Summary

The NOHO Loft in New York City, formerly an artist's space with a raw industrial aesthetic, underwent a remarkable transformation. Its original layout was non-functional, with daily activities confined to dark corners and the main space left unused. The family of four residing in the loft required an additional bedroom and bathroom. Fortunately, the parents, who are designers themselves, possessed a keen eye for detail and a preference for simple yet sophisticated design.

To address the loft's functional shortcomings, the kitchen was relocated and became the central organizing element that divided the space into two distinct areas: private and public. The public or day area features a suspended ceiling that doubles as a floating tray. This clever design choice combines the kitchen, an oversized island, and the dining room, while still allowing the living room to face the street through its magnificent windows.

In the private area, two bathrooms, three bedrooms, a home office, and a laundry room were added. To maximize the limited space available, the laundry room was cleverly converted into a complete bathroom for the suite bedroom. The design team utilized space-efficient fixtures such as a shallow sink, a wall-mounted toilet, and a small shower tray. Additionally, a spacious walk-in closet was incorporated into the main bedroom.

The two children's bedrooms were designed to accommodate a full bed, a desk, and a closet, providing ample space for their needs. The materials chosen for the renovation project were clean and contemporary, including blonde wood, concrete finishes, white porcelain tiles, aqua glass tiles, and a neutral color palette for the walls. These choices contribute to a casual and timeless aesthetic, perfectly suited for the family's relaxed lifestyle.

In conclusion, the NOHO Loft project undertaken by Pelegrina Design, an architectural studio, successfully transformed a previously raw and non-functional space into a stunning and functional home for a family of four. Through thoughtful design choices and attention to detail, the loft now boasts a modern aesthetic that seamlessly combines style and function. The result is a beautiful living space that reflects the family's unique taste and enhances their daily lives.

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