Project's Summary

Popular eatery New York Burger has expanded its restaurant chain with a new branch in the Almagro neighborhood of Madrid. This area, renowned for its aristocratic residences that have now been transformed into public buildings and offices, was carefully chosen due to its strategic benefits for the profile of New York Burger's clientele. While the brand's commitment to quality ingredients and delectable dishes remains consistent across all its restaurants, each location boasts a unique interior design that sets it apart.

The latest addition draws inspiration from the elegance and sophistication of its surroundings. Upon entering, guests are greeted by a dining room that is divided longitudinally by wooden shelves adorned with reed matting, creating both a sense of separation and translucence. These shelves not only serve a functional purpose but also double as decorative elements, holding cacti and embedded with small lights. Moreover, they effectively partition the space into two distinct dining areas: an informal group space where the restaurant's famous pub quiz takes place, and a cosier, more intimate area known as the "salon."

The overall decor exudes warmth and invites guests to relax while enjoying their burgers. The lighting design, in particular, has been thoughtfully crafted to harmonize with the materials used throughout the space. Solid wood furnishings and upholstered walls add to the inviting ambiance. Additionally, the incorporation of iconic Thonet chairs and the use of brass elements reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts movement from the early twentieth century further enhance the sophistication of the setting. To add a touch of artistic flair, a captivating work by artist Jazzberryblue interpreting the map of New York graces the walls, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience.

New York Burger's latest project in Madrid's Almagro neighborhood, brought to life by the talented ISABELLOPEZVILALTA+ASSOCIATES architectural studio, showcases the brand's dedication to providing an exceptional dining experience. By carefully considering the surroundings and tailoring the interior design to reflect the area's elegance, this new location offers a unique and inviting atmosphere. Whether patrons are indulging in the famous pub quiz or seeking a more intimate setting, the distinct dining areas cater to diverse preferences. With its harmonious blend of materials, sophisticated elements, and artistic touches, this branch of New York Burger promises to leave a lasting impression on all who visit.