Project's Summary

The local government of Shenzhen has embarked on an ambitious project to establish the city as the new cultural center of China. As part of this initiative, they have envisioned the creation of a unified public space that will house the pooling stack of Shenzhen Library and the new art museum, giving birth to what is being called the "cultural plaza of Shenzhen".

The chosen site for this project is strategically located, surrounded by residential buildings to the north and east, with a subway station and a highway to the west, and a park to the south. These surroundings make it an ideal location for a cultural endeavor of this magnitude.

Following an extensive study of various design options, the architects at WVA have proposed two distinct volumes placed on either side of the site, connected by a central public space. The key concept behind this project is the contrast and harmony between the two buildings, each serving a different purpose. The art museum, resembling a solid rock, is firmly grounded, while the library is portrayed as a floating bamboo forest, supported by a forest of pillars. This stark contrast is accentuated by the inclusion of a sunken square, which adds a sense of lightness to the library and a more substantial presence to the museum.

The sunken square starts at the underpass connection level and gradually rises to ground level, ultimately reaching the height of the museum. This design choice creates a continuous pathway that links the public space, facilitating interaction between the two buildings and effectively unifying the overall cultural program.

The New Shenzhen Art Museum and the Pooling Stack of Shenzhen Library project is set to redefine the cultural landscape of the city. With its distinct architectural design and the seamless integration of public space, this endeavor promises to establish Shenzhen as a vibrant hub of artistic and intellectual pursuits. As the city continues to evolve, this ambitious project will undoubtedly contribute to its transformation into a leading cultural destination in China.

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