Project's Summary

Transforming Brooklyn’s Navy Yard into a High-Tech Design and Prototyping Center
Marvel Architects, Landscape Architects, Urban Designers, PLLC have designed a unique project in the Brooklyn Navy Yard - the New Lab. The concept behind the design is to express the innovative nature of the green research and manufacturing center while preserving the grand historic hangar that houses it. The result is a stunning 161,000 sf building that stands in dramatic contrast to the industrial armature left visible throughout.

Translucent Office Pods and Communal Meeting Rooms
The New Lab is a collaborative design and fabrication center that accommodates designers, manufacturers, fabricators, and institutions. The interior of the building has been designed to create a collaborative environment that encourages creativity and innovation. Translucent office pods stand in the building, which are in stark contrast to the industrial armature left visible throughout. Communal meeting rooms and interior plazas on both floors emphasize the developer’s intention to create a collaborative design and fabrication center.

Widened Second-Story Mezzanine
The second-story mezzanine of the New Lab has been widened to accommodate additional rooms, connected by a steel-grate catwalk lit underneath to mark the length of the building. The central axis, preserved as a simple circulation spine, exposes building-through views, a recall of the building’s original factory floor layout. The result is a stunning space that celebrates the history of the building while providing a contemporary environment for innovation and creativity.

A Hub for Innovation and Education
Once a stunning cathedral of ship manufacture, buildings 128, 123 and 28 of Brooklyn’s famed Navy Yards are being transformed into a high-tech design and prototyping center. The New Lab is more than just a building; it is a hub for innovation and education. Designers, manufacturers, fabricators, and institutions will converge here to create new products and ideas that will shape the future. The New Lab is a testament to the power of innovative design and the transformative nature of collaboration.

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