Project's Summary

Industrial Warehouse Design Project
Client: FERTEL Imports and Representations
Central Branch: Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Address: Km. 12 Virgen de Cotoca Road
Concept: Fusion
Design: Architect Walter Elias Lora Moreno (Wallstudio)
Architect Mauricio Pacheco (Hacemos Ciudad Srl.)
Architect Ramiro Pacheco (Hacemos Ciudad Srl.)
Structural Design: Engineer Antonio Macchiavelli (Constructora Bisonte)

The FERTEL Imports and Representations company, based in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, has embarked on an exciting architectural project in collaboration with the renowned Wallstudio architectural studio. This project aims to design a cutting-edge industrial warehouse that combines functionality with a unique fusion concept.

Led by Architect Walter Elias Lora Moreno, the Wallstudio team has joined forces with Architects Mauricio Pacheco and Ramiro Pacheco from Hacemos Ciudad Srl. to develop a truly innovative design. Their collective expertise will ensure a successful outcome that meets the client's requirements and exceeds expectations.

The architectural design of the industrial warehouse will be complemented by the structural expertise of Engineer Antonio Macchiavelli from Constructora Bisonte. His involvement will ensure the structural integrity and safety of the building, providing a solid foundation for the project.

The fusion concept behind this architectural endeavor seeks to blend elements of modernity and functionality with a unique aesthetic appeal. The design will not only meet the client's practical needs but also create a visually striking space that stands out in its surroundings.

By combining the skills and expertise of the Wallstudio and Hacemos Ciudad Srl. architectural teams, as well as the structural knowledge of Engineer Antonio Macchiavelli, this project promises to deliver a remarkable industrial warehouse that sets new standards in design and functionality.

In summary, the FERTEL Imports and Representations company's collaboration with Wallstudio and Hacemos Ciudad Srl., along with the involvement of Constructora Bisonte, brings together a team of talented professionals who are dedicated to creating a cutting-edge industrial warehouse. This project aims to fuse functionality with a unique aesthetic, showcasing the innovative vision and expertise of these architectural and engineering professionals.

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