Project's Summary

Shinrakan, a new restaurant situated in a bustling area filled with offices and condominiums, boasts a unique rectangular shape, measuring five meters in width and twenty-five meters in length. Designed by the renowned architectural studio, Yoshihiro Kato Atelier, this establishment features three distinct sections: open seats, aisle seats, and private dining rooms. What sets Shinrakan apart is its interior design, which aims to leave customers with a refreshing impression by focusing on "forms" rather than relying on intricate techniques or excessive decoration.

The seating arrangement at Shinrakan is truly a sight to behold. The benches provided for customers are equipped with high backs that extend all the way up to the ceiling, and each bench boasts a distinctive shape. When assembled together, they form a captivating curvy line reminiscent of "The Dance," a masterpiece by French painter Henri Matisse. This artistic approach in the interior design creates a space that exudes a sense of movement and flow, allowing patrons to immerse themselves in an atmosphere that is both dynamic and inviting.

The lighting fixtures at Shinrakan are no less impressive. Specifically designed for the restaurant, these lights come in various shapes to complement the overall aesthetic. Above the open seats, the ceiling light illuminates the area with random brightness, achieved through the clever use of diagonally cut acrylic ingots of varying lengths. In the private dining rooms, pendant lights made from acrylic boards with attached downlights allow for the diversification of light intensity, with a subtle glow emanating from behind the boards. The walls are adorned with partially illuminated lines of acrylic boards, further enhancing the sense of movement within the space. Even the internal lamps contribute to this artistic expression, diffusing a gentle, fuzzy light through an oval-shaped acrylic board.

Shinrakan's interior design seamlessly integrates with its architectural concept, resulting in a harmonious space that captivates the senses. By focusing on "forms" rather than relying on excessive ornamentation, the restaurant creates an environment that is both visually stunning and inviting. Whether patrons choose to dine in the open seats, aisle seats, or private dining rooms, they are sure to be enveloped in an atmosphere that exudes movement and flow. Shinrakan truly represents a unique fusion of architectural brilliance and artistic imagination, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a memorable dining experience.

Photo: Nacasa & Partners Inc.

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