Project's Summary

The Wagener Terrace neighborhood in Charleston, South Carolina is now home to a remarkable single-family residence that has undergone a stunning transformation. Originally a plain, uninspiring cinder block duplex from the 1950s, the house had seen little change over the years. However, a recent renovation project by Kevan Hoertdoerfer Architects has completely revitalized the property, eliciting a range of reactions from the local community.

The design and construction of the renovated residence evoked mixed emotions, with some embracing the changes with excitement and wonder, while others expressed shock and disdain. Nevertheless, the project is now complete, and the single-family home has seamlessly blended into the neighborhood, adding to its unique character.

The overarching concept behind the house's design was to create a space filled with natural light, exuding an airy and contemporary atmosphere. Given its location between other houses and limited views, the architects decided to introduce translucent panels along the sides facing neighboring residences. Additionally, large glass panels were strategically placed to frame captivating views of the surrounding trees and the vast sky to the south. The central hub of the house comprises a double-height main area that encompasses the entryway, kitchen, and two dining areas. From here, floating stairs lead up to a loft-like master suite, offering breathtaking views of the trees through angled roof lines and a front deck. The rear yard boasts modern landscaping and an open-air cabana, providing a serene escape.

Undoubtedly, the most striking feature of this residence is its uniquely shaped roof. This design element was carefully considered, taking into account sun angles, interior and exterior circulation, and the desire to frame picturesque views from within the house on both levels. Throughout the construction process, the architects enlisted the expertise of local craftsmen and artisans. Their contributions can be seen in various aspects of the house, including the front door, exterior railing, cabinetry, custom metal chandelier, stained wood flooring and stair treads, metal awnings, and even a favorite poem inscribed on the exterior wall in the stucco.

In conclusion, the metamorphosis of this once unremarkable cinder block duplex into a stunning single-family residence is a testament to the creativity and vision of Kevan Hoertdoerfer Architects. The redesigned house now stands as a shining example of contemporary art and design, enriching the Wagener Terrace neighborhood. Its light-filled interiors, thoughtfully framed views, and integration of local craftsmanship have truly elevated this property into a work of architectural brilliance.

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