Project's Summary

The Grand ARC of Aleppo project, created by the Hamed Behkam Architecture Laboratory, has emerged as the winner in an international competition named "MEMORY." This prestigious victory has brought recognition to the studio's proposal for a memorial in Aleppo, Syria, with a strong focus on the theme of memory and the idea of regathering.

Architecture, with its immense potential, goes beyond providing mere shelter. It has the ability to evoke emotions, transform behavior, empower individuals and society, and even heal wounds. It endeavors to address the problems faced by communities and people. Moreover, architecture exists within the framework of time, consistently looking towards the future. It is the only discipline that can predict and shape the future. While architecture draws inspiration from the past, it is ultimately meant for the future. A successful architectural design finds a delicate balance between the site, its surroundings, and the passage of time. In the case of the proposed memorial, this project acts as a bridge between the cultural significance of the site and contemporary pavilion designs.

The memorial is not intended to be an enigmatic or impenetrable structure. It is a semi-transparent space that establishes a connection between the viewers and the building, blurring the lines between transparency and opacity. It does not resemble a conventional building with a single entrance door or statues of memorials. Instead, it offers a spatial experience that ignites an emotional response, where the relationship between materials and their setting creates a memorable moment. This design aims to revive memories by reintroducing historical architectural patterns under a unifying concept.

The Hamed Behkam Architecture Laboratory collaborated with a team comprising Hilla Xattat, Masoud Nimehfroush, Niloufar Farajian, Erfan Daryakenari, and Afra Norouzi. The outcome of their collective effort is a truly remarkable architectural endeavor that combines cultural significance with contemporary design principles. The Grand ARC of Aleppo project stands as a testament to the power of architecture in commemorating and celebrating memory. Through this project, the architects strive to create a lasting impression that will resonate with visitors for years to come.

In summary, the Hamed Behkam Architecture Laboratory's proposal for the Grand ARC of Aleppo memorial has emerged victorious in the international competition "MEMORY." This project showcases the potential of architecture to not only provide shelter but also evoke emotions, transform behavior, and heal wounds. The design acts as a bridge between the cultural significance of the site and contemporary architectural approaches, creating a semi-transparent space that fosters a profound connection between viewers and the building. Collaborating with a talented team, the architects have successfully revived historical architectural patterns to create an unforgettable memorial experience.

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