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ADEPT and LiWplanning Receive Danish Landscape Award for Innovative Måløv Axis Project

The Danish Landscape Award is a highly coveted prize that recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of landscape architecture. The award is bestowed upon individuals or groups whose work showcases innovative design solutions that enhance the urban or rural landscape. This year, ADEPT and LiWplanning were selected as the recipients of the award for their exceptional work on the Måløv Axis project in Ballerup, Denmark.

Connecting the old suburb of Måløv with the new district of Søndergård, the Måløv Axis is an ambitious project that spans two large traffic barriers: the Frederikssundsvej and the S-train line. The primary objective of the project was to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing solution to the problem of disconnected urban areas resulting from the city's rapid development and traffic. The Måløv Axis is now an attractive and safe urban space that serves as a model for other cities grappling with similar issues.

The project's success is due largely to its innovative design approach, which focuses on the terrain as the primary theme. The landscape context was interpreted in a way that allowed the designers to shape the terrain to their advantage, creating a space that is both functional and visually appealing. The Måløv Axis is an exceptional example of how a challenging problem can be turned into an opportunity for creative design solutions.

The jury was particularly impressed with the Måløv Axis project, citing its ability to create a distinguished connection across two heavily trafficked intersections in an impossible area. The project's designers tackled the difficult slope at the viaduct, an area that is typically overgrown with plants and inaccessible to people. Instead of leaving this area disheartened and unused, the designers transformed it into a space for recreational activities and socializing. The result is a dramatic and unique space that inspires its users and attracts attention from visitors.

In conclusion, the Måløv Axis project is a true testament to the power of innovative design solutions to address complex urban challenges. The ADEPT and LiWplanning team demonstrated their exceptional talent and creativity in the creation of this project, deserving the recognition of the Danish Landscape Award. The Måløv Axis project sets a high standard for future landscape architects and designers to follow, inspiring them to create urban spaces that are both functional and beautiful.

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