Project's Summary

Re-envisioning a 1980's four-level office building, the new headquarters for Make-A-Wish America has been transformed into a vibrant and collaborative space by the renowned architectural studio, WORKSBUREAU. The project aimed to address two pressing issues within the organization: high staff turnover and isolated departments resulting from the previous dark and outdated office spaces. By utilizing innovative design elements, the goal was to create a cultural shift and foster a sense of unity among the staff.

The office environment is now characterized by open and transparent spaces that encourage communication and teamwork. To cater to different work styles and preferences, the architects have incorporated various private and collaborative options such as phone booths, huddle rooms, small and large conference rooms, and a boardroom. Additionally, there is an all-staff cafe, a game/break room, and exterior dining and meeting spaces, ensuring that employees have a range of settings to choose from based on their needs.

One of the standout features of the revamped office is the colorful furniture groups scattered throughout the space. These furniture groups, adorned in different hues, serve as a visual representation of the foundation's brand and reinforce its identity. Furthermore, the architects have integrated a dichroic filmed skylight, allowing vibrant and animated light to fill the four-level atrium. This dynamic lighting system tracks the sun's movement across the days and seasons, creating a visually stunning and ever-changing atmosphere.

The design concept goes beyond aesthetics; it aims to address the underlying challenges faced by the organization. By promoting an open planning approach, fluid geometry, and colorful graphics, the architects have successfully dissolved barriers that previously hindered collaboration and communication. The intentional openings between floor plates create opportunities for chance encounters, facilitating the integration of departments and fostering connections between people. Ultimately, the revitalized workspace serves as a testament to the power of design in transforming the work environment into one where employees are motivated and inspired.

In summary, the Make-A-Wish America project undertaken by WORKSBUREAU architectural studio has breathed new life into a 1980's office building. The design overhaul has not only created a visually stunning space but has also addressed the organization's challenges of high staff turnover and isolated departments. Through the strategic use of open and transparent environments, a diverse range of collaborative spaces, and vibrant design elements, the new headquarters fosters a sense of unity and collaboration among the staff. The integration of color, light, and thoughtful floor planning has successfully transformed the office into a place where employees feel motivated, engaged, and excited to work.

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