Project's Summary

EDG Architecture and Engineering, a renowned architectural studio, recently completed an impressive retrofit project on Madison Avenue. The aim was to transform a high-end retail space into a remarkable shopping destination. Extensive renovations were carried out, including the removal of three floors and the addition of two new ones. The design focused on creating a contextual, unaggressive, and inviting atmosphere.

One of the main challenges faced by the project was the existing building, which featured a highly fortified structure. This limited the visibility of the interior from the street, hindering the potential for attracting customers. However, EDG's expertise in analyzing load-bearing structures allowed them to identify opportunities to open up the facade and reduce walls. This strategic decision not only improved visibility but also created a seamless connection between the street and the store.

The ground floor, a masterpiece in itself, boasts impressive 17-foot clear ceiling heights. With its nearly perfect square height to width ratio and a storefront that appears as a single panel of glass, it offers shoppers a unique and immersive experience. The design concept was intentionally created to be brand-agnostic, allowing any retailer to showcase their products in this space. The integration of the street as an extension of the store further enhances the overall shopping experience.

Despite facing tight structural constraints, the EDG team successfully enhanced the customer experience by repositioning stairs, introducing expansive windows, and optimizing the layout. Their dedication to the project extended beyond the design phase as they also supported the owner in finding suitable tenants. Quick turnaround renderings were provided, and each commercial prospect was customized to meet their specific requirements.

In conclusion, the Madison Avenue retrofit project by EDG Architecture and Engineering has successfully transformed a high-end retail space into a captivating shopping destination. The meticulous renovations, the strategic opening of the facade, and the integration of the street have created an inviting environment for retailers and customers alike. EDG's expertise in architectural design and their commitment to enhancing the customer experience have truly shone through in this project.

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