Project's Summary

Looker, a tech company based in Santa Cruz, California, is celebrating its unique staff culture and paying homage to its hometown with a completely transformed office space. Designed with employee lifestyle in mind, the 12,700 square foot space captures the laid-back and picturesque vibe of Santa Cruz, a renowned surf mecca with an urban twist. The office features a design that reflects the local flavor of the city, creating a welcoming and social atmosphere.

The office space at Looker has been designed to resemble the popular downtown bars and beach-side hangouts that the employees enjoy. It includes a full bar with custom banquette seating and a twelve-foot-long communal table made by local artisans. This space is not only suitable for casual all-hands meetings during the day but also serves as a trendy backdrop for social gatherings in the evenings. Looker regularly hosts happy hour events and community gatherings, and the office space is the perfect setting for these occasions.

The layout of the office embraces an open space plan, with meeting rooms and phone rooms strategically placed to create separate areas within the open space. This allows for effective collaboration between different teams or departments, both at their desks and in various designated meeting spaces throughout the office. The use of bold colors and beachy palm-leaf patterns adds a vibrant touch to the community spaces, contrasting with the typical workstation areas. The office also features custom raw oak desks and conference tables, adding warmth and elegance to the sun-filled work areas and conference rooms.

To further emphasize the connection to Santa Cruz, the office showcases art by local photographers alongside staff photos, creating a sense of place and culture within the workspace. The surrounding natural beauty of the mountains, ocean, and redwoods is reflected in the tranquil areas of the office, providing a serene environment for employees. Additionally, the office includes a tropical terrace with eating, lounge, and game areas, allowing staff to enjoy the picturesque views while engaging in work or leisure activities.

The office design at Looker is a blend of beach and urban aesthetics, achieved through the placement and layering of vivid colors, rich leathers and fabrics, warm wood finishes, and natural rattan textures. Decorative lighting details enhance the intimate and cozy "retreat spaces" within the office, creating a warm and residential feel. The furniture and millwork package is highly customized, challenging traditional notions of office design and providing a connected workday experience that supports the daily lifestyle of the staff. The use of bold colors throughout the space enhances the experience and tells a story of the different office areas in relation to the larger community and surroundings of Santa Cruz.

In summary, Looker has created a unique and inviting office space that celebrates its staff culture and the charm of Santa Cruz. With its design inspired by local hangouts and a blend of beach and urban aesthetics, the office provides a welcoming and vibrant environment for collaboration, socializing, and enjoying the natural beauty of the surroundings. Looker's transformed office truly embodies the local flavor of Santa Cruz, supporting the company's mission to foster a lively and engaging workplace.

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