Project's Summary

Lofts at Mayo Park: A Multifamily Project That Embraces its Context

Located at the intersection of Rochester, MN's downtown core and a neighborhood of single-family homes, Lofts at Mayo Park is a multifamily project that seamlessly integrates into its context. Designed by Snow Kreilich Architects, the project features 29 apartments and underground parking while resolving the varied conditions and scales of its surroundings.

Embracing the Riverfront: Two Front Doors

As the first building in the neighborhood to embrace the riverfront, Lofts at Mayo Park features two front doors to provide residents access to both the riverfront and the residential neighborhood. The project aims to become a catalyst and inspiration for future developments to re-embrace the riverfront.

Contextual Responses on Every Elevation

Each elevation of Lofts at Mayo Park takes a slightly different approach to its contextual response. The neighborhood facade features recessed balconies and private patios at grade that open up directly to the sidewalk, breaking down the scale of the building and relating to the single-family residences. On the river facade, projecting balconies provide panoramic views of the river and downtown while animating the riverfront facade. Gardens, bike storage, and pet wash stations are accessed off the riverfront, creating an inviting presence along the river.

Plinth as a Placemaker: A Key Design Element

Along the park edge, the partially below-grade lower level of Lofts at Mayo Park acts as a plinth, extending beyond the levels above to create an outdoor patio with views of the park, river, and downtown. The large setback to the north creates a community stairway and garden, providing the neighborhood direct access to the riverfront. The planning strategy, including the placement of common spaces and entrances, is also a key design element. The main entrance and common spaces, including a lobby and an outdoor patio, are placed adjacent to Mayo Memorial Park, maximizing visual connection through floor-to-ceiling glass in the lobby.

Integrated Materials and Landscape Design

Common residential materials were selected to integrate Lofts at Mayo Park into the surrounding neighborhood of single-family homes. The upper levels are clad in smooth-finished white stucco, while stained cedar siding is strategically placed where tenants interact with the building exterior. The lower level plinth is clad in a light burnished block. The landscape design reinforces the project's connection to the river and neighborhood, with patios and seating provided at grade along the river and private patios for the 1st level apartments establishing a residential scale and activity. A wide zone of terraced landscaping with a stair creates a visual and circulation link between the river and the neighborhood to the north.

In conclusion, Lofts at Mayo Park is a multifamily project that embraces its context and resolves the varied conditions and scales of its surroundings. The project's key design elements include the placement of common spaces and entrances, contextual responses on every elevation, and integrated materials and landscape design. By embracing the riverfront, Lofts at Mayo Park aims to inspire future developments to re-embrace the riverfront and create a stronger connection between the neighborhood and the river.

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