Project's Summary

LUCITO, an architectural studio, has recently completed a site-specific installation called Likeness of an Allegory for the City of Minneapolis Permanent Collection. The installation, located in the new Minneapolis Public Services Building, responds to the City's request for "luminous ceilings" in a unique and captivating way. By working with light and its absence, LUCITO has crafted a sculptural mass finished in an ultra-matte black pigment that hovers mysteriously beneath an evenly lit ambient field of light.

The distinct finish of the hovering mass creates an intriguing effect, as it lacks any surface features and is only visible to the human eye at its edges against the light field above. This binary interface between light and dark forms the basis of LUCITO's artistic work. Drawing inspiration and cues from Ambrogio Loronzetti's 14th Century frescoes, The Allegory of Good and Bad Government, Likeness of an Allegory presents a captivating game of perceptual hide-and-seek.

Observant passersby in the lobby below will be treated to a thought-provoking experience as they encounter strategically sculpted characteristics and symbolic features of Minneapolis' past and present. Through this artistic intervention, the installation seeks to engage viewers in a dialogue about the city's history and its current state. The play of light and shadow, combined with the carefully crafted sculptural elements, allows for a dynamic exploration of the space and its significance.

Likeness of an Allegory is a testament to LUCITO's ability to create immersive installations that not only enhance the architectural space but also stimulate viewers' senses and perceptions. The project not only fulfills the City's desire for "luminous ceilings" but also offers a profound artistic experience that connects with the audience on multiple levels. LUCITO's careful attention to detail and thoughtful integration of historical and contemporary elements make Likeness of an Allegory a captivating addition to the Minneapolis Public Services Building.

Overall, Likeness of an Allegory showcases LUCITO's mastery in combining light, sculptural form, and historical references to create a visually striking and intellectually stimulating installation. The project invites viewers to explore and contemplate the interplay of light and darkness while unraveling the hidden layers of Minneapolis' past and present. LUCITO's installation is a testament to the power of art in transforming architectural spaces and engaging viewers in a deeper understanding of their surroundings.

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