Project's Summary

The Christmas ball has long been cherished as a traditional symbol of both Christmas and the New Year. In Moscow, our large lighting installations in the shape of this iconic ball have taken on a new significance as a symbol of New Year's Eve itself. Our latest project was intentionally designed to be a remarkable 20 meters high, serving as a grand welcome to the year 2020. To achieve this, we incorporated a range of lighting elements, including RGB lights and RGBWW fixtures. Additionally, the ball was adorned with 86 ornamental LED snowflakes, adding a touch of winter magic.

For the control of this magnificent lighting display, we utilized the MADRIX 5 KEY maximum. This powerful technology allowed us to seamlessly coordinate the lighting effects and create captivating visual experiences for all who gaze upon the installation. The scale of this project is truly awe-inspiring, boasting an impressive 390,000 LED pixels and a staggering 16 kilometers of LED strips, garlands, ropes, and contouring lights. The complex metal structures, towering at the height of six floors and weighing 34.5 tons, added an element of architectural prowess to the overall design.

This extraordinary combination of elements culminated in an exhilarating installation that surpassed the current official Guinness record of 55,900 LED lights. Every detail of the project was meticulously crafted with passion and dedication. We poured our hearts into bringing together 20 unique lighting scenarios, each offering a different ambiance and atmosphere. From vibrant red lights to enchanting warm whites and regal purples, we successfully captured the full spectrum of festive colors within this single installation.

The Christmas Ball quickly captured the hearts of the people and secured its place as one of the top three New Year's Moscow decorations in the "Audience Sympathy" category. Its mesmerizing beauty and captivating light displays have left a lasting impression on all who have experienced it. This project stands as a testament to the creativity and innovation of the Zodiak architectural studio, showcasing our ability to transform traditional symbols into extraordinary works of art.

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