Project's Summary

Located in the southern zone of Mexico City, next to the University City, this architectural project emerges as a spearhead for the start of housing recycling in the area. It is developed on a rugged topography with slopes, which were cleverly used to achieve changes in levels within the residences. The building consists of two three-story structures, housing a total of eight apartments, each with a surface area of 60m². The design prioritizes the uppermost apartments in each tower, giving them extra height and prominence in the public area.

The aesthetic language of the project, particularly the main façade, successfully blends different planes and colors, resulting in a contemporary and avant-garde construction that aligns with the desired genre and standards. Two balconies crown these planes, creating an additional dimension that seamlessly transitions between the interior and exterior spaces. On the ground floor, there are eight parking spaces surrounded by exposed brick walls, adding warmth to the entrance. A prominent exposed concrete wall emerges from this area, serving as the vertical circulation element of the building. This integral feature between the volumes becomes the focal point of the project's interior.

The architectural solution for each apartment lies in the creation of functional, comfortable, and spacious spaces. In the private area, there are two bedrooms with bathrooms, while the public area comprises a living room, dining room, and an open kitchen enclosed by a solid green "perón" mass that incorporates a breakfast bar. This element becomes the guiding axis of the residence, suggesting the transition between the public and private zones.

The project not only complies with the regulations of the area but also takes advantage of the natural slope of the land it is built on. This premise allowed for the inclusion of half-levels in the ground floor apartments, which feature a zen garden at their rear.

In summary, the LGL 37 project, created by the SPS+Sinapsis architectural studio, is a pioneering architectural endeavor that marks the beginning of housing recycling in the southern zone of Mexico City. Its design makes optimal use of the challenging topography, creating distinct levels within the residences. The contemporary and innovative façade combines various planes and colors, while balconies provide a seamless transition between the interior and exterior. The functional and spacious apartments feature two bedrooms with bathrooms, as well as a public area encompassing a living room, dining room, and open kitchen. The project adheres to the local regulations and skillfully utilizes the natural slope of the land. With its unique design and thoughtful execution, the LGL 37 project stands as a remarkable architectural achievement.

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