Project's Summary

Lajeunesse Residence: A Modern and Bright Transformation

The Lajeunesse Residence, a project undertaken by the _naturehumaine architectural studio, showcases a stunning transformation of a house that has been passed down through three generations of the same family. The young couple who hired the studio had a vision to combine the existing apartments into a single, modern and bright family home spanning two levels. However, the challenge lay in the noisy street at the front of the house, which led to the strategic placement of the main living spaces at the back, facing north. This presented the unique challenge of finding creative ways to bring natural sunlight into these areas.

To address the issue of limited sunlight, the _naturehumaine team designed a double-height lightwell that reaches up to the skylight, effectively bringing light to the center of the house. This architectural feature not only serves its functional purpose but also adds a touch of elegance to the overall design. The grandeur of the lightwell is complemented by the use of translucent sliding panels on the ground floor, which not only provide privacy from the street but also act as a vestibule during the winter months.

The interior design of the Lajeunesse Residence is both minimalist and stylish. The custom furniture throughout the home is unified by a simple palette, featuring folded steel plates, white wooden shelves, and Russian plywood. An interesting play of angled white steel tubes supports the dining table, kitchen island, and even a glass handrail, adding a sculptural element to the space. Moreover, a plywood handrail gracefully wraps around the stair, cleverly folding at the base to become a long bench for the dining table.

The final result of the Lajeunesse Residence is a humble and cozy abode that effortlessly merges modernity with the warmth of a family home. Each object within the space seamlessly falls into place, creating an atmosphere that is both inviting and functional. The _naturehumaine architectural studio has truly succeeded in breathing new life into this historic house, transforming it into a contemporary haven that pays homage to its past while embracing the needs and desires of the present generation.

The Lajeunesse Residence stands as a testament to the architectural prowess of the _naturehumaine studio. By combining modern design elements with thoughtful spatial planning, they have created a home that not only meets the clients' request for a bright and contemporary living space but also respects the heritage of the house and the family who has called it home for generations. This project is a true testament to the power of architectural innovation and the ability to transform spaces into something extraordinary.

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