Project's Summary

KunstHalle: Concrete as Marble!

Halle-Neustadt, a once deserted city, is set to undergo a remarkable transformation into a living sculpture park. This ambitious project, known as KunstHalle: Beton als Marmor! (Concrete as Marble!), aims to recycle abandoned buildings into art objects, making demolition a celebration of cultural and urban renewal. Renowned artists from around the world have been invited to participate in creating the largest sculptural symphony, while the local population is encouraged to join in the process of urban transformation. Through this initiative, Halle-Neustadt seeks to redefine its identity and revitalize the community.

The approach taken in this project can be described as "Tabula Creativa" or creative slate. Rather than erasing the past, the project seeks to transform and redefine existing structures. Each vacated building will be recycled and transformed into a unique sculpture, creating an urban environment characterized by a multitude of artistic statements. This departure from the rigid homogeneity that has defined Halle-Neustadt in the past will allow for a new and vibrant cityscape.

To make this vision a reality, collaboration is key. Artists, architects, and urban planners will work hand in hand with city officials, cultural institutions, property owners, and the citizens of Halle. Local institutions, private sponsors, and philanthropists are also crucial in providing the necessary support and resources for the project. Reassigning existing demolition subsidies can be a valuable means of support from local institutions.

A prototype of this transformative project has already been envisioned. Composer Karl-Heinz Stockhausen is set to create a "Symphonic Concrete Demolition," while artist Damien Hirst plans to engulf an entire housing complex in formaldehyde. Notably, Jeff Koons will turn housing blocks into lushly overgrown colossi, earning him the honorary title of the "Green Mayor of Halle." In addition, famous authors will transform billboards and street ads into "visual literature." These examples illustrate the scale and creativity that this project aims to achieve, with artists from all over the world contributing to the rebirth of Halle-Neustadt.

KunstHalle: Beton als Marmor! is an extraordinary initiative that will breathe new life into Halle-Neustadt. By embracing art and culture, the city will be transformed into a vibrant and unique place to live, work, visit, and enjoy. Through the collaboration of various stakeholders and the creative vision of artists, Halle-Neustadt will reclaim its future as a creative arena on an unprecedented scale.

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