Project's Summary

KİPTAŞ İzmit Çınar Housing is a collaborative project between KİPTAŞ (Istanbul Residence Development Plan Industry and Trade Co.) and the Municipality of İzmit. It is the second project of KİPTAŞ in partnership with the Metropolitan Municipality of Istanbul, aimed at constructing modern and quality social housing units for people of all income groups. The project, located in the Arızlı Neighborhood, has completed the necessary preparations in a remarkably short period of three months.

The construction of the project began on December 22, 2020, and is scheduled to be completed on June 15, 2022. Situated 10 km away from İzmit city center on a 13,878.89 m² area, it comprises four residential buildings and one commercial block. The project stands out from other social housing projects due to its focus on providing high-quality, earthquake-resistant, and environmentally friendly housing. The project took into account the topography, earthquake risk, and zoning regulations in its design process.

One unique aspect of the KİPTAŞ İzmit Çınar Housing project is its emphasis on a participatory and transparent approach. A digital survey was conducted, allowing the participation of nearly 10,000 citizens. The responses obtained from the survey played a crucial role in making financial and architectural decisions for the project. This inclusive approach ensures that the project meets the needs and expectations of the community.

The architectural design of the project, undertaken by Şerbetçi Mimarlık, offers simple and functional solutions without compromising on quality, safety, and health. The design concept draws inspiration from the region's natural environment, with references to forests and mountain houses. The project incorporates various elements such as sycamore trees and wooden materials to establish a strong connection with nature.

Moreover, the project prioritizes flora diversity and sustainability. The landscape design includes a variety of plants, ensuring seasonal continuity and creating shaded areas. The project aims to provide a visually rich and sensory experience through changes in color and the scents of aromatic plants. Additionally, the project is designed to be accessible for all, including children, the elderly, and people with disabilities, with easily accessible pedestrian routes and recreational areas.

The KİPTAŞ İzmit Çınar Housing project aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It contributes to reducing inequalities by making quality residences affordable. The collaboration between KİPTAŞ and the Municipality of İzmit exemplifies the SDG goal of partnership for goals. The project also supports the SDG goal of sustainable cities and communities by providing safe and affordable housing in an earthquake-prone area.

In conclusion, the KİPTAŞ İzmit Çınar Housing project showcases that modern and quality social housing is indeed possible. Through its innovative design, focus on community participation, and adherence to sustainability principles, it sets a new standard for social housing projects. This project is a testament to the commitment of KİPTAŞ and the Municipality of İzmit in providing affordable, durable, and environmentally friendly housing options for all income groups.

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