Project's Summary

JWA, the architectural studio behind the King Street Office project, is thrilled to announce the construction of their brand new office building. This state-of-the-art office is being designed with an emphasis on sustainability, aiming to achieve net-zero energy consumption through the use of solar panels. These panels will generate as much energy as the building will require, making it highly energy-efficient.

The 2-story office, spanning 3,600 square feet, is being constructed at 1257 King Street, strategically located between Rainier Avenue and 12th Avenue. JWA is excited to be a part of the vibrant International District and has taken inspiration from the neighborhood's industrial food-manufacturing character in designing the building. The saw-tooth roofline and clerestory windows pay homage to this unique identity, while also allowing for ample natural light to fill the workspace.

In addition to the architectural choices influenced by the neighborhood, the design of the building also draws inspiration from Japanese design methods. The glazing and siding strategies have been thoughtfully incorporated to reflect the elegance and efficiency often associated with Japanese design principles.

The project is well underway and is projected to be completed in early 2016. Once finished, JWA will proudly move into their new office space, ready to serve their clients with even more efficiency and creativity. The commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency showcased in this project aligns with JWA's core values and dedication to environmentally conscious design.

As an added bonus, JWA is renovating a neighboring home for Julian Weber and his family to live in. This demonstrates their commitment to the local community and their desire to create a harmonious blend of residential and commercial spaces in the area.

In summary, JWA's new office building on King Street is an exemplar of sustainable design, incorporating solar panels, blown-in insulation, strategic glazing, LED lighting, and a tight building envelope. Inspired by the neighborhood's industrial food-manufacturing character and Japanese design methods, this architectural masterpiece is set to redefine the workspace while being respectful of the environment. JWA's completion of the project in early 2016 will mark a new chapter for the studio, as they move into their new office space and continue to contribute to the vibrant International District.

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