Project's Summary

Joya Studio and Taylor and Miller Architecture and Design Collaborate for Unique Retail Space

Brooklyn-based fragrance house Joya Studio recently enlisted the help of architectural firm Taylor and Miller to design a retail space that would blend the elegance of a high-end store with the grit of a factory environment. The result is a space that is suspended between the two worlds of production and consumption, allowing customers to experience the scent-making process firsthand.

A Space Defined by Material and Metaphor

To create the unique retail environment, Taylor and Miller used large floating steel and wood veneer surfaces that are suspended from the factory ceiling. These surfaces define the retail space without fully separating it from the factory floor, allowing the scent of the production process to permeate the space. The oak veneer on the retail side of the panels contrasts with the unfinished steel on the factory side, creating a thin architectural barrier between the two spaces.

A Connection to Joya's Fabrication Processes

The use of floating steel and wood veneer surfaces in the Joya retail space is a nod to the company's fabrication processes, which rely on the relationship between cast and mold. Just as the surfaces of the floating panels are defined by their orientation to the factory and retail environments, the molds used in the production of Joya candles and ceramics have rough, unfinished surfaces on one side and pristine, refined surfaces on the other.

A Retail Space Like No Other

The Joya retail space designed by Taylor and Miller is a unique environment that blurs the lines between production and consumption. By using floating steel and wood veneer surfaces, the designers have created a space that is both elegant and raw, allowing customers to experience the scent-making process in a way that is unlike any other retail space. Whether you're a fan of Joya's fragrances or simply appreciate innovative design, this retail space is not to be missed.

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