Project's Summary

The Joseph Arnold Lofts, a remarkable residential high-rise located in downtown Seattle, has become the first Green Globe certified building of its kind in the area. Boasting a total of 132 apartment units, this eco-friendly development has recently been awarded three out of four green globes for its outstanding sustainable design elements. Affectionately known as "The Joe," this project was brought to life through a collaborative effort between S. Cox Architect and the esteemed VIA Architecture studio.

The Joseph Arnold Lofts offer residents a unique living experience with its 132 loft-style units, each providing sweeping views of the surrounding cityscape. Spread across an impressive 13 stories, this residential high-rise also features rooftop decks, allowing residents to enjoy the beauty of Seattle from above. Additionally, the street-level retail and coffee shop add a touch of convenience and vibrancy to the building, making it a truly integrated part of the downtown community.

What sets The Joseph Arnold Lofts apart is its Green Globe certification, which signifies its commitment to sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. While the concept of Green Globe certification may seem complex to some, the architects at VIA Architecture have ensured that the building's eco-friendly design elements are seamlessly integrated into its overall aesthetic. The recognition received by The Joe, including the prestigious 2013 NAIOP Multi-Family Development of the Year award, is a testament to its innovative approach to sustainability.

In conclusion, The Joseph Arnold Lofts stands as a pioneering residential high-rise in downtown Seattle, setting an example for future developments in the area. With its 132 loft-style units, rooftop decks, street-level retail, and coffee shop, this building offers a modern and convenient living experience. Its Green Globe certification further solidifies its commitment to sustainable design and practices, making it a truly exceptional addition to the city's skyline.

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