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About the company

Established in 1972, Yorkville Design Centre (YDC) has been a leading retailer of Downsview Kitchens since its inception. Over the past four decades, YDC has witnessed various trends in kitchen design, from the vibrant "Yellow Period" of the 1970s to the traditional Bavarian castle craze of the 1990s. However, the designers at YDC have always leaned towards contemporary styles, which has positioned them well in the ever-evolving world of design. In 2008, architect Thomas Tampold acquired the company, aligning his vision of interior and exterior spaces seamlessly. This acquisition came at a time when traditional kitchens were losing popularity due to increased costs and a shift towards more practical design choices.

Thomas Tampold, the owner of Tampold Architects Inc., believed in the integration of interior and exterior spaces without unnecessary barriers. This contemporary approach resonated with the changing attitudes in 2008, as people sought to avoid extravagant expenses in the aftermath of the Great Recession. The shift away from opulent designs suited the new owner of YDC, who shared a similar philosophy. Following a showroom remodel in 2009, Yorkville Design Centre was ready to showcase their expertise to the world. Since Thomas took over, YDC has designed nearly 100 kitchens and over 40 full interiors. Their portfolio includes remarkable transformations, such as converting a century-old suburban house into a stunning contemporary masterpiece. They have also designed a house from the ground up in North York, with pictures to be released soon. YDC's reputation has attracted professional clients as well, including the corporate kitchen for the Onex head offices and the upscale steakhouse, Michael's on Simcoe.

YDC boasts a team of experienced designers who can provide expert advice on kitchen redesigns, interior makeovers, or complete home transformations. Senior designer David Neff has been with YDC for over twenty years, witnessing the evolution of design trends throughout his career. Alongside David, YDC's team includes designer Eliana Diamond and general manager Ragini Chopra. With Thomas, a seasoned architect with over twenty-five years of experience, leading the team, clients can expect top-notch design expertise.

As YDC enters the second half of the decade, they are embracing exciting opportunities on the horizon. Currently, they are designing twelve interiors for a new chain of juice bars with an urban contemporary style, showcasing their versatility in commercial projects. Additionally, YDC has a lineup of other projects awaiting their creative touch. If you are seeking the services of one of Toronto's premier up-and-coming design firms, be sure to consider Yorkville Design Centre for your home redesign needs.