étendre: Transforming Architecture with P.L.O.T Innovation

Architecture Studio

About the company

étendre is a design studio that specializes in "Transformation Architecture." This selective studio has a unique focus on studying various contexts and developing concepts that not only address the challenges within those contexts but also create a paradigm shift. Their approach revolves around the concept of creating a "Parallel Line of Thinking (P.L.O.T) platform," which acts as a brainwave pool filled with flexible and interconnected design processes. This allows designers to reverse the process to any previous stage and explore alternative lines of design thinking, resulting in a multitude of solutions stemming from a single idea.

The core philosophy of étendre is to continually push the boundaries of design thinking. By establishing a P.L.O.T platform, the studio ensures that their designers have the freedom to explore and experiment with different ideas, without being restricted by a linear thought process. This approach encourages a fractal design process, characterized by its flexibility and adaptability. It empowers designers to navigate through various nodes of the design process, enabling them to create multiple solutions that cater to diverse requirements and challenges.

étendre's emphasis on transformation architecture is rooted in their commitment to understanding and alleviating the unique contexts they encounter. Through extensive research and development, the studio delves deep into the complexities of each project, aiming to identify innovative and transformative design solutions. By embracing the concept of parallel thinking and harnessing the power of the P.L.O.T platform, étendre ensures that their designs are not only functional but also capable of generating new perspectives and possibilities.

In conclusion, étendre is a forward-thinking design studio that specializes in Transformation Architecture. Their unique approach involves creating a P.L.O.T platform, which serves as a flexible and interconnected brainwave pool for designers to explore various lines of design thinking. By leveraging this platform, étendre is able to generate multiple solutions from a single idea, ensuring their designs are transformative and innovative. Through their dedication to understanding and addressing different contexts, this selective studio aims to create paradigm shifts within the field of architecture.