YANCARELLI - GOMEZ CODINA Architects: Expertise in Hotel Architecture, Real Estate, Housing, and Wineries

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About the company

Mercedes Gómez Codina and Javier Yancarelli, both born in the city of Mendoza, Argentina in 1968, have been working together since 1994 on various architectural projects. They have gained extensive experience in Hotel Architecture, Real Estate Developments, Housing, and Wineries.

Their commitment to delivering high-quality design has been the driving force behind their 15 years of professional work. Through their expertise in the field, they have consistently achieved the complete satisfaction of their clients.

With their profound understanding of the industry, they have established a network of excellence, collaborating with experienced professionals from different disciplines. By forming interdisciplinary teams, they are able to provide comprehensive services from the inception of any construction project.

Both architects graduated from the University of Mendoza and have also served as faculty members at this prestigious institution for a decade. Additionally, they have pursued various postgraduate courses in architecture and construction to further enhance their knowledge and skills.

Mercedes Gómez Codina and Javier Yancarelli can be contacted through their respective email addresses: javier@yancarelligomez.com.ar and mercedes@yancarelligomez.com.ar.