XVSTUDIO: Barcelona Architects Promoting Geometry, Industry, and Sustainability

Architecture Studio

About the company

XVSTUDIO is a Barcelona-based team that specializes in design, architecture, and urbanism. With a multidisciplinary and multicultural team, XVSTUDIO operates as a research and ideas laboratory, focusing on projects that encompass the principles of geometry, industry, and sustainability. The studio embraces originality as a strategic advantage, viewing each project as an opportunity to explore new solutions and develop innovative proposals.

At XVSTUDIO, the foundation of their geometric strategies lies in a thorough study of various project variables, including the landscape, program, and local culture. By understanding the essence of cities and landscapes, they leverage modern building technologies as tools to express this essence. From the earliest drawings to the final project details, XVSTUDIO actively incorporates construction techniques and materials that allow for fully buildable projects. They take advantage of the opportunities presented by new materials and industrial production techniques to bring their visions to life.

One of XVSTUDIO's core beliefs is that the combination of advanced design buildings and historical heritage can create self-sufficient ecosystems. In their projects, they seamlessly integrate traditional climate control systems such as ventilation, humidity regulation, and shading, while also incorporating the latest green technologies. By engineering their designs to be living buildings and surroundings, XVSTUDIO aims to establish responsible ways of inhabiting the world, promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness.

In summary, XVSTUDIO is a Barcelona-based architecture studio that operates at the intersection of design, architecture, and urbanism. Their multidisciplinary team functions as a research and ideas laboratory, focusing on projects that prioritize geometry, industry, and sustainability. By leveraging modern building technologies, understanding the essence of cities and landscapes, and integrating traditional and green systems, XVSTUDIO strives to create innovative, buildable, and environmentally responsible projects.