XVA: Innovative Architecture & Design in Barcelona

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About the company

Xavier Vancells Arquitectura XVA is a contemporary architecture and design office that was established in 2006 and is based in Barcelona. Led by Xavier Vancells, the team of six architects at XVA works closely with external expert consultants to deliver a diverse range of projects, spanning from small-scale designs to urban developments.

The portfolio of XVA showcases their expertise in various architectural scales. Their recently completed projects include the New ATHC Clubhouse in 2009, the Huarte Art Center in Navarra in 2007, and the Sant Cugat City Hall in Barcelona, also completed in 2007. Each project reflects the studio's commitment to contemporary design and innovative architectural solutions.

The exceptional work of Xavier Vancells and his team has garnered numerous awards and recognition. Their projects have been exhibited in prestigious venues such as the Cité de l'Architecture & du Patrimoine in Paris in 2009, the ArchitekturZentrum in Vienna in the same year, and the Deutsches ArchitekturMuseum in Frankfurt in 2007. These exhibitions further highlight the recognition and appreciation received by XVA for their skillful and forward-thinking approach to architecture and design.

Overall, Xavier Vancells Arquitectura XVA is an accomplished architecture firm that continuously pushes the boundaries of contemporary design. Through their collaborative efforts and dedication to excellence, they have successfully completed notable projects and gained recognition both locally and internationally.