Revolutionizing Asian Architecture: XRANGE's Innovative Approach

Architecture Studio

About the company

XRANGE is an innovative architecture firm that is revolutionizing the way architecture is approached in Asia. Their unique approach combines meticulous design and manufacturing techniques with strategic concepts, allowing them to tackle projects of varying scales. From urban planning and architecture to landscape design and product development, XRANGE covers a wide range of disciplines.

The remarkable work of XRANGE has gained recognition from both local and international media outlets. Their projects have been featured in prestigious publications such as the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Monocle, Frame, Surface, I.D., Icon, and Arbitare. In fact, Wallpaper even named XRANGE as one of the "101 of the World's Most Exciting New Architects" back in 2007. This recognition is a testament to the studio's talent and innovative approach to architecture.

One notable achievement for XRANGE was the inclusion of their first building, the Ant Farm House, in "The Phaidon's Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture" in 2008. This recognition further solidified XRANGE's reputation as a forward-thinking architectural firm. Their commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging traditional norms is evident in their work, which seamlessly blends creativity, functionality, and sustainability.

Overall, XRANGE is a multi-disciplinary architecture firm that is making waves in Asia's architectural scene. Their ability to think outside the box, combined with their expertise in design and manufacturing, sets them apart from traditional firms. With an impressive portfolio and numerous accolades, XRANGE continues to redefine the way architecture is realized in the region.