Discover the Essence of Places with Zoarchitecten

Architecture Studio

About the company

zoarchitecten is a firm that truly values the essence of places. They have a deep appreciation for locations that hold meaning, whether they are beautiful and atmospheric, or even abandoned and overlooked. This architectural studio considers both carefully designed spaces and random corners, recognizing the captivating potential in every place, within urban settings and inside buildings.

The genius loci, or the spirit of the place, is at the core of zoarchitecten's work. They diligently study and map the character, atmosphere, and expression of each location, using these elements as a foundation for their architectural designs. Understanding the unique spirit of a place and effectively translating it into a precise intervention is one of the key strengths of zoarchitecten. They pay special attention to transitions, such as moving from indoor to outdoor spaces, or from public to private and collective areas, ensuring these play a significant role in their designs.

When approaching their projects, zoarchitecten seeks a design solution that is both appropriate and surprising. Their aim is to create architecture that evokes a sense of well-being, rather than focusing solely on making a bold statement. They prioritize touching the heart of the matter, stripping away any unnecessary elements while maintaining a non-dogmatic and pleasantly pragmatic approach. This ensures that their architectural creations hold value throughout the years, standing the test of time.

Joep Klabbers, the founder of zoarchitecten, brings an open-minded, enthusiastic, and caring approach to the studio's work. With a deep love for simple architecture and attention to detail, Klabbers embodies the philosophy of the firm. Just like the name of the office, zoarchitecten's design results are concise and straightforward, yet far from ordinary or banal. Their commitment to creating architecture that is meaningful and resonates with people shines through in all their endeavors.