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About the company

The Watershed Studio Architecture, LLC is driven by a clear and noble mission - to create sustainable architecture that harmoniously blends with its surroundings, celebrates the natural landscape, and brings materials, space, and light to life. With a strong commitment to enhancing the quality of our built environment, this studio strives for design excellence and actively engages with the community. Through meticulous research, analysis, and teaching, they have garnered recognition for their outstanding designs, receiving awards from the Vermont AIA.

Community engagement lies at the core of Watershed Studio's values. The studio's members actively participate in various roles, such as chairing town planning commissions, serving on organization boards, and contributing to the AIA at both member and leadership levels, even holding the presidency of the Vermont Chapter. By immersing themselves in the community, they gain a deep understanding of the specific needs and aspirations of the people they serve, ensuring that their architectural solutions truly resonate with the local context.

Watershed Studio Architecture, LLC undertakes a diverse range of projects, spanning across different scales and sectors. From institutional and religious buildings to educational and office spaces, from clinical facilities to performing arts venues and waterfront developments, the studio's expertise covers a wide spectrum. This versatility enables them to bring their sustainable and contextually integrated design approach to a broad array of architectural challenges, creating spaces that inspire and uplift both the users and the surrounding community.

In summary, Watershed Studio Architecture, LLC is a dedicated architectural firm with a profound commitment to sustainable design, community engagement, and design excellence. By integrating their projects with the natural context, celebrating the landscape, and making materials, space, and light tangible, they strive to create architecture that not only enhances the built environment but also enriches the lives of those who experience it. Through their involvement in various community roles and their extensive experience across different sectors, Watershed Studio brings a holistic and inclusive approach to every project they undertake.