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About the company

László Vincze, a renowned architect with over a decade of experience, co-founded the Axis Architectural Company alongside two other esteemed architects, Tamás Nagy and Ferenc Salamin. Together, they received the prestigious Ybl Prize in 1996, acknowledging their outstanding contribution to contemporary Hungarian design. However, in 2000, Vincze decided to establish his own firm, Vincze & László Kft, together with art historian Helga László.

As an Associate Professor at Budapest Technical University’s Department of Residential Design, Vincze brings his expertise and knowledge to the classroom. Within his current firm, he leads a team of skilled professionals that includes head architect Nelli Parádi, who has been with the company for nearly a decade. Additionally, licensed architects Tamás Parragi, Viola Pintér, and Péter Páczelt contribute their expertise to the team.

Vincze & László Architects offer comprehensive design services and collaborate with long-time design partners specializing in various areas. Their portfolio also includes the assembly of art collections, art selection, and the development of applied arts and interior design projects. Over the years, the firm has worked on notable projects such as the Dresdner Bank, Képíró Restaurant, the Cheesemaking Shop in Budapest, and Lombard Lízing Rt in Szeged. They also incorporate the work of contemporary Hungarian painters and artists into their interior design projects.

The firm's mission is to create architecture that effectively addresses the technical, intellectual, and economic challenges of our time. They strive to provide rational and unique solutions that accommodate the specific circumstances of each project. With their expertise and commitment to excellence, Vincze & László Architects continue to make their mark in the field of architecture.