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Wangan is an interdisciplinary design studio based in Istanbul, founded by Kerem Özerler, Kutay Yorulmaz, and Mert Can Uzyıldırım in 2016. The studio specializes in various design fields, including architecture and interiors, experience design, product and brand design, research and insight, fnb consultancy, and strategy development. With a passion for innovation, intelligence, and bravery, Wangan aims to create versatile and timeless designs that prioritize the overall experience.

The studio takes a holistic design approach, emphasizing the interaction between all components of a brand, company, or space. Their goal is to seek perfection and challenge existing systems. Wangan primarily focuses on projects in the hospitality industry. They have developed a unique business model that addresses the lack of design integrity between fnb (food and beverage) and accommodation spaces and brands.

Their services encompass a wide range of areas, from feasibility studies and chef selection to city location, menu development, and interior and brand design. Wangan recognizes that the success of any brand in the hospitality industry relies on the balanced design of all experiences that engage the end user. They believe that the absence of design integrity is a common factor contributing to the failure of many establishments shortly after their opening.

Wangan's business model centers around seeing the end user as the essential client and creating solutions tailored to their needs. They consider every minute spent by the end user within a space designed by the studio as part of their business. Additionally, Wangan not only designs the loose furniture for their projects but also has their own product collections. Their innovative designs and approach have garnered significant recognition, including awards from Design Turkey, Archist, Edida - Young Designer of the Year, and Interior Design Mag - Best of Year.

In addition to their work in the hospitality sector, Wangan has also completed numerous residential and workspace projects. They have collaborated with globally renowned companies such as Pernod Ricard, Unilever, Doğuş Hospitality, Vakko, Kavaklıdere, Fabiana Filippi, Leica, and Nestle since their establishment. Wangan's dedication to creating exceptional designs and their commitment to meeting the needs of their clients have solidified their reputation as a leading architecture studio in Istanbul and beyond.

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