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About the company

Zannettos Architects, founded by Minas Zannettos in February 1972, is a renowned architecture studio known for its excellent professional services in the field of architectural and urban planning. With a focus on producing functional and well-designed buildings that stand the test of time, the firm has established a reputation for delivering high-quality results.

The portfolio of Zannettos Architects is diverse, ranging from private houses and large housing projects to specialized structures including health facilities, educational buildings, and hotels. The firm has also served as Project Managers in significant projects throughout the Middle East. This breadth of experience has contributed to the successful evolution and growth of the company, which can tackle projects of various types and effectively handle any challenges that may arise.

Throughout its history, Zannettos Architects has collaborated with renowned international offices and firms, including Robert Matthew-Johnson Marshall & Partners, Ove Arup Partners, International Bechtel Co. Ltd., Kyriakos Kyriakides & Associates, and J & P (Overseas) Ltd. These partnerships have further enriched the expertise and capabilities of the firm.

In recent years, alongside its established reputation, Zannettos Architects has expanded its focus to include high-end design, venturing into the realms of interior design and furniture design. Looking ahead, the firm aims to continue evolving as a top-quality design studio, while remaining committed to providing exceptional services to its clients.