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Zand Architect is an architectural practice based in Lavasan, led by Principal Amirali Zand. With its establishment in Tehran in 2000, the firm brings together a wealth of professional experience from both Iran and abroad, earning recognition as a prominent design practice in Iran. Our firm's core values lie in the pursuit of design excellence, pragmatism, and sustainability, which have led to the successful completion of numerous architectural projects.

The portfolio of Zand Architect encompasses a diverse range of project types, ranging from single-family homes to large-scale commercial and institutional works, as well as master planning. Despite the variety, all our projects share a common thread—an unwavering attention to detail and material, regardless of the project's scale. We believe in deeply engaging with our clients and stakeholders throughout the design process, ensuring their perspectives are incorporated into the final outcome. Additionally, our architectural designs strive to establish a profound connection between our buildings and their built and natural surroundings.

Our approach to architecture extends beyond mere aesthetics, emphasizing the importance of functionality, practicality, and sustainability. By considering these aspects, we create designs that not only satisfy the needs and desires of our clients but also harmonize with the environment. The team at Zand Architect is dedicated to delivering innovative and thoughtful solutions that enhance the lives of those who interact with our creations.

In summary, Zand Architect is a renowned architectural practice in Iran, driven by a commitment to design excellence, pragmatism, and sustainability. With a broad portfolio encompassing various project types, our firm places great emphasis on attention to detail, client engagement, and integration with the built and natural environment. Through our thoughtful and innovative designs, we aim to create spaces that improve the lives of individuals and contribute positively to the architectural landscape.

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Lavasan, Tehran Province, Iran
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