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About the company

Wallace Roberts & Todd (WRT) is an architecture studio based in Philadelphia that specializes in city and regional planning, urban design, landscape architecture, and architecture. With a history dating back to 1963, the firm is deeply committed to the principles of sustainability and aims to enhance the quality of both natural and built environments. Their expertise lies in the planning and design of various structures, landscapes, cities, and regions.

At WRT, their overarching goal is to protect natural resources, promote social justice and economic well-being, and create livable human habitats that reflect the unique heritage, culture, and values of each community they work with. This collaborative practice brings together professionals from different disciplines, including planners, designers, architects, and landscape architects. Their collective expertise allows them to approach projects holistically, considering the various aspects of a community's needs and aspirations.

The firm's dedication to sustainability is evident in their approach to designing buildings, landscapes, and cities. By integrating sustainable practices and principles into their work, WRT strives to minimize the negative impact on the environment and create spaces that are not only beautiful but also environmentally friendly. Their focus on social justice and economic well-being ensures that their projects benefit communities by providing equitable access to resources and improving the overall quality of life.

In summary, Wallace Roberts & Todd (WRT) is a renowned architecture studio that has been committed to sustainable practices and the enhancement of natural and built environments since its establishment in 1963. Their collaborative approach, bringing together professionals from various disciplines, allows them to create designs that reflect the local heritage, culture, and values of each community they work with. With a focus on protecting natural resources, promoting social justice and economic well-being, and creating livable human habitats, WRT strives to make a positive impact on the world through their architectural and planning endeavors.