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About the company

At WSP Architecture, our core values are rooted in the philosophy of creating what matters for future generations. This philosophy guides our approach to architectural commissions, as we constantly question the present, imagine the future, and strive to create lasting and meaningful spaces.

Our focus is on designing inclusive buildings and spaces that hold enduring significance and purpose. We draw inspiration from our unique New Zealand and Pacific influenced identity, celebrating the cultural diversity that enriches our designs. Whether working on intensely urban sites or vast untouched landscapes, our aim is to create distinctive and memorable spaces that are deeply connected to the land.

As a highly motivated and connected team of expert designers, we bring together diverse backgrounds and expertise. We are committed to actively listening, engaging, and collaborating with our clients to deliver project outcomes that result in highly effective and enriched spatial environments. Our goal is to create spaces that benefit individuals and communities, not just for the present, but for generations to come.

With nearly 150 years of architecture practice, we have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skills. Our expertise is further enhanced through continual research and innovation, allowing us to develop efficient, resilient, and sustainable solutions. This knowledge is the result of years of review and wide project experience across New Zealand. Additionally, our strong historical experience, deep understanding of the land and climates, and long-standing collaborations with local communities, councils, and contractors enable us to tailor our design solutions in harmony with our network of local and global WSP engineering design specialists.

In summary, WSP Architecture is driven by the belief in creating what matters for future generations. Our designs are rooted in our New Zealand and Pacific influenced identity, celebrating cultural diversity and emphasizing inclusivity. Through collaboration and a wealth of experience, we strive to create distinctive, enduring, and sustainable spaces that benefit individuals and communities alike.