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WRKSHP PARTNERS, an architecture studio founded in 2009 by Jai Kumaran and Clayton Taylor, has grown to become a renowned collaborative design practice. With a focus on tackling complex design problems, the studio is passionate about adopting a multi-faceted interdisciplinary approach. At WRKSHP PARTNERS, projects of all scales are embraced, and the team is driven by their diverse backgrounds, which fuel their explorations in the realms of landscapes, buildings, and graphics. Currently based in Los Angeles, the studio continues to make its mark on the architectural landscape.

Since its establishment, WRKSHP PARTNERS has been dedicated to finding innovative solutions to design challenges. The studio's founders, Jai Kumaran and Clayton Taylor, bring their unique expertise and perspectives to the table, allowing for a diverse and creative approach to problem-solving. Their collaborative mindset ensures that projects of any size are welcomed, demonstrating a commitment to serving a wide range of clients.

The team at WRKSHP PARTNERS believes in the power of interdisciplinary collaboration. By examining the overlapping systems of landscapes, buildings, and graphics, they are able to offer comprehensive design solutions that address a variety of needs. This multi-faceted approach allows them to create harmonious and cohesive designs that are not only visually striking but also functional and sustainable.

Currently operating in Los Angeles, WRKSHP PARTNERS continues to push the boundaries of architectural design. The studio's commitment to a holistic and interdisciplinary approach sets them apart, enabling them to tackle complex design problems with an innovative mindset. With their passion for creating meaningful and impactful designs, WRKSHP PARTNERS is poised to leave a lasting impression on the architectural world.

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