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Vertu | Architecture + Design is a comprehensive architecture firm that specializes in developing innovative solutions for unique architectural projects. Our firm offers a holistic approach to project delivery, serving as the single source for architecture, interior design, and fabrication management. With our progressive design approach, extensive experience, and wide range of services, we excel in various project types.

For image-conscious projects, such as commercial interiors, we have the expertise to translate your business concept into a tangible built form. By strategically utilizing space, we aim to enhance productivity while helping you establish a distinctive business identity. Our successful track record includes designing corporate offices, retail boutiques, salons, restaurants, and clubs, among others.

When it comes to lifestyle-oriented projects, like custom residences, we go beyond meeting your personal requirements. Our goal is to create spaces that inspire and elevate your living experience. Our portfolio features a diverse range of projects, including new construction residences, prototypes, condominiums, renovations, additions, and mixed-use buildings that integrate innovative live-work solutions with ground floor commercial spaces. These developments often rejuvenate entire neighborhoods, combining typical prototypes with facade variations to form block-long structures.

In addition to our architectural expertise, we also specialize in architectural installations for exhibits and performances. Our firm is actively involved in proposing urban design solutions, allowing us to explore and address contemporary issues in the built environment. This conceptual rigor is reflected throughout our extensive portfolio of award-winning work.

With Vertu | Architecture + Design, you can trust that your architectural project will be handled with professionalism, creativity, and a commitment to excellence.

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