Vulcano+Gibello: Creating Meaningful Architectural Spaces

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About the company

Architecture is a discipline that straddles multiple areas of expertise, making it both trivial and complex. It has been a vital component of civilization for centuries, shaping the living environment for people in various cultures, contexts, and locations. The ultimate goal of architecture is to create spaces that are suitable for contemporary lifestyles, geography, socioeconomic realities, and available construction methods. While architecture can sometimes be seen as a gratuitous act, it most often imbues meaning into a place and enhances even the most challenging contexts.

At its core, architectural design is a logical analysis process. It is an act carried out by professionals who navigate the realms of culture, construction, and human resource management. The design must, of course, meet the needs of the users, as architecture should always remain fundamentally useful and unassuming in its own right.

Established in 2001 as a liberal activity, Leonardo Vulcano transformed into a limited liability company in December 2010 when Pierre-Yves Gibello joined the association. This architectural firm operates in the Grand Est region of France, catering to both public and private markets. With nearly a decade of experience, it has developed expertise in educational, commercial, social housing, and renovation projects. The team's ability to synergize their skills and complement one another allows them to effectively tackle any project, with the common thread being a strong architectural style that reflects the client's vision.

Sensitive to light, materials, rationality, and simplicity, the agency strives to create projects that are tailored to the specific demands, scale, and context. By integrating the principles of sustainable development from the very beginning of their designs, they do not succumb to the dictates of environmental dogma. Instead, they focus on harnessing the best aspects of architecture – providing a living environment that caters to the needs of individuals and society as a whole.