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Trapolin·Peer Architects, an architecture firm founded by Peter Trapolin in 1981 and joined by Paula Peer in 2001, is renowned for its expertise in creating context-sensitive designs for both new constructions and the restoration of historic properties. With our headquarters nestled in the vibrant Warehouse District of the city, our firm has left an indelible mark on communities throughout the Gulf Coast Region. As we proudly celebrate our 35th anniversary this year, our commitment to sustainable design has only grown stronger.

Our team of talented architects and designers possesses a deep understanding of the importance of preserving the historical significance of buildings while seamlessly integrating modern elements. Whether it's breathing new life into a dilapidated structure or crafting innovative designs for new projects, Trapolin·Peer Architects excels in creating spaces that harmonize with their surroundings. Our portfolio includes a diverse range of projects, from commercial and residential spaces to cultural institutions and public buildings.

Throughout our three and a half decades of operation, Trapolin·Peer Architects has garnered numerous accolades for our exceptional work. We take great pride in our ability to transform communities and enhance the built environment through our thoughtful and sustainable designs. As we embark on the next chapter of our journey, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of architectural excellence and leaving a positive impact on the world around us.

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