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TEK Architects, founded in 1987 by Charles Thanhauser AIA, is an architecture studio that has developed a diverse practice over the years. With extensive experience in various sectors including commercial, retail, educational, residential, government, healthcare, and non-profit projects, the firm has demonstrated its versatility and expertise in a wide range of architectural endeavors.

One of the core principles that define TEK Architects is their commitment to creating new and innovative designs that challenge traditional norms. Their aim is to develop architectural concepts that not only captivate and intrigue people but also encourage interaction and engagement. By pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box, TEK Architects seeks to redefine the relationship between architecture and its users, as well as its impact on the surrounding environment.

A fundamental value embraced by the firm is the belief that good design does not necessarily require large budgets, but rather a thoughtful approach from the architect. This ethos is reflected in their portfolio, which showcases sophisticated and unique designs known for their aesthetic appeal, technical precision, and meticulous attention to detail. Their track record speaks for itself, having been recognized with several prestigious awards, including three American Institute of Architects Design Awards, three "Interiors" Awards, a "Best of Year" award from Interior Design magazine, and four "NY Construction" Awards.

TEK Architects' consistent emphasis on creating architectural solutions that transcend personal preferences and engage the broader public sets them apart. Their designs aim to redefine and enhance the activities that occur within the spaces they create, reshaping the environment in which these structures exist. With a passion for innovation and a dedication to thoughtful design, TEK Architects continues to leave a lasting impact on the architectural landscape.

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