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Richard Abi Saab Design LLC is an esteemed international design company that has left its mark in various cities across the globe, including New York, Paris, Beirut, Dubai, Qatar, Kiev, and Berlin. Specializing in residential, hospitality, and retail spaces, this boutique firm boasts an impressive portfolio of successfully executed projects. With a team of talented professionals, including interior architects, graphic designers, and industrial designers, Richard Abi Saab Design is based between Byblos and New York, bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise.

Founded in 2004 by Richard Abi Saab, the company draws upon his extensive international experience and diverse background. Richard holds a Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design with honors from the New York School of Interior Design, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Interior Architecture from Notre Dame University in Lebanon. This unique blend of education and cultural exposure has shaped Richard's approach to design, allowing him to create spaces that truly reflect their surroundings and meet the specific needs and expectations of his clients.

What sets Richard Abi Saab Design apart is their meticulous and thoughtful approach to each project. They prioritize understanding the client's vision and requirements, as well as the distinct characteristics of the area or street where the project is situated. By doing so, the studio ensures that the final result not only harmonizes with its environment but also exceeds the client's expectations. This winning combination has led to a diverse range of successful ventures, ranging from high-end glamorous locations to affordable local restaurants and private residences.

Richard Abi Saab Design's expertise extends beyond interior architecture to product design and corporate identity. Their impressive client roster includes renowned names such as Tommy Hilfiger, Procter and Gamble, British Tobacco, Voici Voila, Khalil Fattal and Sons, Moka & More, Balzac Cafe, and Kimbo Italian coffee. As an experiential design firm, Richard Abi Saab Design excels in creating immersive and interactive environments that captivate the public.

In conclusion, Richard Abi Saab Design LLC is an internationally acclaimed architecture studio that has made a significant impact in cities worldwide. With their talented team, diverse expertise, and meticulous approach to design, they have successfully delivered exceptional projects across residential, hospitality, and retail sectors. Their extensive portfolio and impressive client base are a testament to their commitment to creating comprehensive and immersive experiences that resonate with both clients and the public.

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